Episodes 3 and 4

We are getting read for episodes 3 and 4 in Saturday and we are filming our Thanksgiving episode and we want to know your best family recipes! Share them with us and we will talk about them on the air !

Off and running!!

Hey Geminites, Hope all is well and October is here! We just did our first two episodes and they were a blast. We have a new band this season as Aimee has been hard at work and we have some amazing guests lined up! Stay tuned ! Andrew

Season 2 kick off!

Good morning Geminites, Today marks season 2 kickoff! Writers meetings, staff meetings, booking guests…it’s all happening. Plus, we film this Saturday with some amazing people, skits and monologues… the real question is what do you wanna see for...

Season 2!!

Hey Geminites! Hope everyone had a good labor day weekend! The fall is coming and we are getting ready for Season 2! We have some exciting things planned but it’s all top secret so you’re going to have to stay tuned! Anything you want to see? Let us know!...

Getting ready for the finale!!

Hey Geminites, We have some big things coming for the season finale next week. The Rubi Girls are confirmed. Meeting at Masque tomorrow and much much more… we would love to have you there so stay tuned for more details !

Back to work!

Where do I begin…. The past few days have been a truly humbling few… I needed time to reflect on it all… From my birthday and all who wished me well and spend it with me, to the honor of Daytonian of the Week, the amazing article and kind words said...