Past Episodes


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     Season 1 Episode 1 – Air Date 2/9/19

Don Smith, owner of Wiley’s Comedy Club
Sara Stathes co-owner of The Barrel House
Musical guest Velvet Crush Unplugged with Dana and David Garwood.

Season 1 Episode 2 – Air Date 2/19/19

Brittany Smith and Kait Gilcher from Heart Mercantile
Comedian Jodi McDermitt

Season 1 Episode 3 – Air Date 3/2/19

Tara Mumma from Patterson Pub
Dan Edwards, local reporter and TV personality
Jason Moore from Crooked Handle Brewing Company

Season 1 Episode 4 – Air Date 3/13/19

Sara Kaushal and Bethany Kmeid of Dayton Unknown
Mr. Gay Ohio 2018, Lucky

Season 1 Episode 5 – Air Date 3/29/19

Patrick Thimons from Dayton Beer Company
Marilyn Balsamo from the Dayton Philharmonic Volunteer Association
Katie Thimons from Grateful Joints Yoga
Comedian Kevin Ruppert

Season 1 Episode 6 – Air Date 5/2/19

Andrew attends Opening Day of the Dayton Dragons 20th season
Brixx Ice Company, and Lock 27 Brewing
Shakertown Stompers 

Season 1 Episode 7– Air Date 6/1/19

Nolan Henderson with Kitchen Brothers
Chris Stanley with Fisher Nightingale House
Jonathan Roberts with JGR Photography & Videography and Mid-Life Crits!
Mayor Nan Whaley

Season 1 Episode 8 – Air Date 6/8/2019

Jonathan Roberts attends Kings Island
Zac Pitt from Sound Valley
Brie McGuirk – local Clown

Season 1 Episode 9 –  Air Date 6/15/2019 (Mental Health Awareness Month)

Whitney Saleski fr om the Stanley Sessions 
Bill Hesse from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Nick Magoteaux from Brothers Helping Brothers
and Andrew Carmichael shows us how to make an Old Fashioned

Season 1 Episode 11

Brad Measel from Stillwrights
Erica Fitlove
Comedia & Podcaster, Mike Shea

Season 1 Episode 12
              Chad Wells from Wells & Co Tattoo Shop
               Courteney Huff 
              Eric Widing with the premier of his movie, Ragmork

Season 1 Episode 13
           Glen Helen’s Raptor Center with Rebecca Jaramillo
           They Kill, Author Tim Waggoner
           Dayton Daily News Columnist, Amelia Robinson
           Comedian, Keith Irvin

Season 1 Episode 14
            Chella Marie Smith, discusses women’s health
            Dayton Art Institute Tour of Monet & Impressionism with Chief Curator, Jerry Smith
            Comedian, Charlie Hester

Season 1 Episode 15
            Dayton Art Institute, Tour of Dayton Area Collects with Chief Curator, Jerry Smith
            Local Artist and community advocate, Megan Fiely
            Professional Dog Petter, Sabrina Cox

Season 1 Episode 16
             Comedian, Mike Wells, With Craig List Advertisements
              Mix 107.7, Mix Morning Show, Gina Ferraro
              Hayley Carson with Safe House Studios

Season 2 Episode 1
              Fantasy Football Podcasters, the Hateful Eight
              Susie Lowe from Girls Pint Out

Season 2 Episode 2
              Luce Hansen Trilogy, author Meredith Doench
              The Secret Chamber House of Oddities and Artwork with owner Cherish Harrell
              Comedian, Damon Darling, Sr. 

Season 2 Episode 3
              WTUE radio personality, BMAN
               Katie Schwartz from Warped Wing

Season 2 Episode 4

                 Executive Chef, Stephanie Schifrin-Salas
                  Lauren Fortener, Fitness instructor at Turbo Zone
                 Comedian Olivia Byrnes

Season 2 Episode 5

                Ben Young from Carl & Dorothy Young’s Christmas Tree Farm
Stephanie Sagraves, crisis intervention specialist with Family Violence Prevention Center
               Family Gift Segment
                LEGO Hidden Side Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000
                Fire Department Coffee
               Disney Frozen Petite Surprise Trolls Gift Set
                 La Touraine Watches
                 The Sock Drawer

Season 2 Episode 6

                Santa Claus
                Mr. Boros
                John Stanton, Piano Player & our New Music Director



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